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  • Họ & Tên: MS. THEA
  • Giới Thiệu:

    ■ Name: Thea

    ■ DOB: 28/07/1991  

    ■ Gender: Female

    ■ Education: Pangasinan State University

    ■ Habit: playing guitar and watching anime

    ■ Introduction:

    Hello everyone! I am Teacher Thea. I was born on July 28, 1991. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Physical Science. I had a teaching experience at JN Montessori and High School Incorporated for 3 school years. I handled pre-elementary and High School department. I’m also a freelance tutor.

    In terms of teaching, I am passionate and hard-working. I love watching anime and I know how to play guitar. For me, teaching is not all about inputting and sharing knowledge but most importantly, how you touch and mold the heart of your students. 

    Learning is a continuous process so please give me a chance to be part of your learning process. Learn and enjoy your lessons in a fun way. Hope to see you in my class. Thank you! 

0983330330 - 0907885657
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