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  • Họ & Tên: MS. HANNA
  • Giới Thiệu:

    ■ Name: Hanna

    ■ DOB: 04/03/1995 

    ■ Gender: Female

    ■ Education: Pangasinan State University

    ■ Habit: Dancing, reading, composing songs and painting

    ■ Introduction:

    Hello good day! My name is Teacher Hana. I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Management major in Operations Management. Since I was in High school, I was an active leader of different organizations of my Alma Mater. Throughout these years my communication skills have been developed. It made me confident enough to handle any kind of situations. If I have my free time, I usually go to places where I can voluntarily teach individuals who cannot enroll in school because of financial matters.

    I love travelling to different places where I can discover new things. I also love to teach students because it is my passion. I believe that teachers who love teaching; teach students to love learning. Students who have learning are those who want to improve their skills and discover new things.

    So, I hope to see you in my class and together we explore the new world of learning.

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