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  • Họ & Tên: MS. JULIE
  • Giới Thiệu:

    ■ Name: JULIE

    ■ DOB: 20/071996

    ■ Gender: Female

    ■ Education: Pangasinan State University

    ■ Habit: listening to music, reading books and watching movies

    ■ Introduction:

    Hello! My name is Teacher Julie, I finished my studies in Pangasinan State University with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics major in Computer and Information Technology. I’m optimistic, jolly and easy to be with. I have my job before as Customer Service Representative and for this I learn to deal with different kind of personalities. My hobbies are listening to music, reading books and watching movies.

    Who says that learning English language is difficult, with perseverance and practice we can do a lot better. Here in ParrotskunEikaiwa, can be your stepping stone to learn our universal language. We can have fun and learn at the same time. So don’t worry and I hope to see you in my class.Matane!




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