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  • Họ & Tên: MS. STEPHANIE
  • Giới Thiệu:

    ■ Name: Stephanie

    ■ DOB: 17/09/1985  

    ■ Gender: Female

    ■ Education: Lyceum Northwestern University

    ■ Habit: Reading books, singing

    ■ Introduction:

    Konnichiwa Minna San! Watashi wa Stephanie san desu, and took up Bachelor of Science In Tourism major in Travel Management. Reading books, watching movies, listening to music sing a song, playing online are some of these things I do when I’m not busy. I worked as a Hotel Front Desk for 1 year.

    Being a Front Desk before, it gave me an opportunity to meet other people, learn their culture and different languages. As teacher here in Parrots Kun Eikaiwa, I could help you improve your proficiency in writing, pronunciation as well as to speak English well. I’m also here to impart the knowledge I’ve learned during my school days on how to improve your communication skills.

    It’s an honor to have you in my class to teach you learn English in a simplest way. JYA NE!

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